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Student Expo

Student Expo

#OUVirtualExpo & Expo Pitch Competition
Coming April 09, 2020

Help us celebrate and showcase Ohio University student research & creative activity!

#OUVirtualExpo is different than our traditional live Student Expo.

On April 9, students will post about their research & creative works to their Twitter and/or Instagram account.  They should tag @bobcatsdiscover & others and include #OUVirtualExpo in the post.

We also encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well; just remember the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so we can find you!.

  • Who: All Ohio University students and postdocs doing research & creative activity can participate!  No pre-registration required.

  • Content: Tweets and short posts with an image or two, GIF, or short video (30 sec - 1 min). No posters or power points or long videos. Make sure you use #OUVirtualExpo in the post and tag @bobcatsdiscover!

  • Tagging:  Click here for a list of university (department, college and other entity) Twitter and Instagram handles. Have additions/revisions? Email male-bru@cangchuhuojiachang.com

  • When: Students can post any time on April 9 at their convenience.

  • Sharing: Expo staff will then re-post to @bobcatsdiscover (Twitter and Instagram*).  *Instagram has re-posting limits so we might not be able to re-post all posts on Instagram

  • More Sharing厨房里的欢愉: All students, faculty, staff, alums and friends are encouraged to join us (Twitter) and (Instagram) to view, re-post, like and comment on posts!  Remember to follow @bobcatsdiscover so you can see posts throughout the day and in the future!

  • Prizes: Students who post about their research/creative activity and use the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag get a t-shirt mailed to them after the event. Small prizes, TweetTreats (7oz Hershey's Kisses), will be awarded for creative and high engagement posts.

NOTE: Expo staff will be monitoring Twitter and Instagram, but we encourage presenters to post to other platforms as well!厨房里的欢愉. Remember to use the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag so people can find your post!


What should I post?
Be creative. Tell us about your research and creative work.  For example: What inspired you?  What did you do? What impact did it/will it have?
But also be brief.厨房里的欢愉  Include an image or two, slide show, GIF or short video*.  No posters or power points or long videos. *If you post a video, please consider using a site, e.g., YouTube, that provides captions.


Image plus external link

Do I have to present the research/creative work I originally registered for the live Student Expo?
No. And, no pre-registration is required to participate.

Who should I tag?
Tag @bobcatsdiscover and include #OUVirtualExpo in the post. Also tag your mentor, colleagues, friends, family, departments and college. 
Click here for a list of university department Twitter and Instagram handles.

Can I participate if I don't have a Twitter or Instagram account?
Yes. You can see and posts by going via Google, but you will not be able to interact with the posts.
If you use another social media platform, e.g., Facebook, search for the #OUVirtualExpo hashtag to see Facebook posts.

What is my role now if I was a former judge for the live Student Expo?
厨房里的欢愉 If you are on a social media platform, please search for #OUVirtualExpo and re-post, comment on, and like posts. 

Expo Pitch Competition

You’ve worked really hard to solve a problem or bring something good to the world. It doesn’t have to end here. You can make it real and have an impact in the world. We’re here to help you do that.

Share your passion and expertise with us by entering the 2020 EXPO Video Pitch Competition.

厨房里的欢愉We’re going to award $5,000 in prizes and offer additional coaching and support to help you bring your work to life.

Learn more here.

厨房里的欢愉The #OUVirtualExpo is sponsored by the Research Division, Offices of the President and Provost, and University Libraries.

The Expo Video Pitch Competition is sponsored by the Center for Entrepreneurship, Office of Corporate Engagement and the Research Division.

A special thank you to our corporate sponsor for both events, the OhioHealth Research Institute.

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