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are entirely online (undergraduate starting with 2007-08, graduate starting with 2005-07, osteopathic medicine starting with 2009-11). Follow the link above, and then select a catalog from the drop down list at top right, below the "Search" box.

PDF Versions of All Prior Ohio University Catalogs

厨房里的欢愉The University Archives has digitized all academic catalogs from 1843 - 2007; they are .

HTML Versions of Prior Ohio University Catalogs

厨房里的欢愉The catalogs linked below are complete, with all the text of the entire catalog, including the discussions of all the degree programs and their requirements, except that the 2003-04 and earlier editions do not have the course descriptions. The partial 1996-97 catalog (some parts of which were never placed on-line) is retained on-line for its limited historical value.

Course descriptions for specific courses can also be found on-line through the Registrar's page. After selecting the term, campus, course prefix, etc., when the results page comes back, the second content column has the heading, "Title", and each entry in that column is a link to the complete information about that course, including the catalog course description.

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