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OHIO Online™

厨房里的欢愉#1 College in Ohio for Online Education

OHIO Online™

7,900+ Students, 60+ Programs, and One World-Class Faculty

When it comes to your education, flexibility matters. That’s why at OHIO, you can take a combination of classes on campus and online, or select an exclusively online program. Choose from a wide variety of certificates or associate’s degree programs, accelerated bachelor’s degrees, or master’s programs to finish your degree through OHIO Online™ – ranked the top college in Ohio for Online Education厨房里的欢愉 by onlinecolleges.com.*


厨房里的欢愉Fully online students


Online programs

Military Friendly

Also a yellow ribbon school


厨房里的欢愉Years distance learning

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We’re focused on your success, both in person and online.

厨房里的欢愉Whatever program you decide to pursue, our faculty are dedicated to helping you soar. You can expect the individualized attention OHIO prides itself on, whether you’re studying at the coffee shop in-between shifts, or working hard from home. We always put our students first, and the results speak for themselves.

We have the programs you’re looking for.

厨房里的欢愉Our online programs are user-friendly, personalized, and designed to help you achieve your goals. Choose from our 6 online associate’s degree programs, 7 bachelor’s completion programs, 4 full bachelor's degree programs, or more than 35 online graduate programs. These may include a combination of online courses, print-based courses, or independent learning courses.

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